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Published June 18, 2012 by delia1979

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

Dear Horse Advocates,

As you know last week, a 53′ Three Angels Farms trailer carrying 36 horses broke in half while traveling down an Interstate Highway. This second wreck within 5 months has triggered the release of the linked report, rather than wait any longer for additional regulatory documents and records regarding their violations.

Private citizens, concerned after the TN wreck in January, prompted an undercover trailing of Dorian Ayache’s Three Angels Farms in May.  Ayache’s notoriety as a kill buyer (think Presidio, TX and the possibly hundreds of dead and dying horses discovered in a dry gulch on the TX/MX border) and disregard for public safety laws, demanded action. So flagrant and numerous are Ayache’s transport violations (64 for vehicular safety in a 24 month period), that his DOT license was revoked in 2010. He currently runs with a DOT # under Edwin Ayache.

The wreck in January involved…

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Published June 18, 2012 by delia1979

Our Compass


Regarding this alert, show the newspaper that you are passionate and serious about our mission and your dedication to attaining our ultimate, brilliant and wonderful, yet completely realistic and wholly attainable goal: to liberate and promptly rescue the cats of UV and see to it that the intubation lab is dismantled and closed forever with the cats replaced with far superior, purpose-built, anatomically correct neonatal simulators. Demand the respect you so rightly deserve! Ask “WHY” UVA stubbornly clings to this archaic, outdated, horribly cruel and utterly unnecessary method of educating its medical residents and refuses to accept and implement far superior, ethical and humane alternatives that are readily available thanks to modern scientific and medical technological advancement (as have 95% of North American medical schools)!? Please refer to our group’s “files” section where there are many educational and informative documents on all aspects of our fight and in defense…

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Published June 18, 2012 by delia1979

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

Domestic and wild horses in Canada are at risk of being in grave danger. Back in May 2010, the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) published a paper called “What You Didn’t Know About Canada’s Horse Federations” –  exposing a deceptively named Canadian organization called the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada (HWAC).

 The report included some eyebrow-raising facts including:

  •  HWAC’s formation being in response to Canada’s anti-slaughter movement, prompted by the CHDC’s first investigative report, “Black Beauty Betrayed” in 2008.
  • the true purpose of HWAC, which is not horse welfare, but the promotion and support of North America’s horse slaughter industry;
  • proof of HWAC’s affiliation with Canada’s largest horse slaughter plant, Bouvry Exports;
  • HWAC’s founder, Bill DesBarres is a Board member with the Alberta Equestrian Federation, and thus manoeuvred to include all provincial horse federations under HWAC;
  • Bill DesBarres’ reaction to authentic footage obtained from Bouvry Exports in the…

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Published June 14, 2012 by delia1979

Our Compass


In a shocking decision by senior judges in Northern Ireland, Lennox, a Labrador/American Bulldog, has been ordered destroyed. The ruling upholds the decision of two lower courts, to euthanize a dog that has committed no harm.

For two long years, the Barnes family have fought to bring their dog home after he was seized by the City of Belfast in May 2010 and ordered destroyed for being a “pit-bull type” dog. The ruling came in response to an appeal by the family, and upheld the decision of two lower courts who decided under the Dangerous Dogs Act (DDA), that Lennox was a danger to the public and must be euthanized. According to the DDA, a dog’s physical traits could bear influence on how it behaves and “pit-bull” types, like Lennox, are automatically deemed dangerous. In other words, Lennox was measured with a tape measure; he…

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Published June 10, 2012 by delia1979

Our Compass


Per the ALERT issued on June 8, Representative James Moran of Virginia is planning to Submit an Amendment to Prohibit USDA Inspections at Horse Slaughter Houses, to the Full House Committee on Appropriations, within the next TEN DAYS.  This would essentially prohibit horse slaughter in the US.

James Moran has asked that we Support his efforts to stop Horse Slaughter in the United States by contacting the FULL House Committee on Appropriations.

The message James Moran would like to be sent to each member of the Committee is:  “Support the Moran Amendment to prohibit USDA inspections at horse slaughter facilities in the United States.”.

CLICK HERE to send 5 free faxes per day from your computer… No fax machine or credit card or registering is necessary.

FAXES RULE, because – by law, faxes must be retained on file for 7 years.  Of…

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Published June 5, 2012 by delia1979

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

The CHDC has been blessed with amazing supporters because again, we have the pleasure of announcing a Donation Box placement in Alberta.  Yes, Medicine Hat, Alberta!!   A wonderful animal advocate, Conny Lole who lives in Alberta, has found us a unique spot at Echo Dale RegionalPark.

Echo Dale Regional Park is an oasis for people and wildlife.  It has more than 112,000 visitors each year with patrons ranging from sun-loving swimmers to those who enjoy sitting around a fire at night, to the regulars who walk the trails each day throughout the year, no matter how bad the weather!

From the Historic Farm site on the west side of the park to the Day Use area on the far east side of the park and all the others areas in between, the pristine condition of Echo Dale Regional Park is a favourite.

Built on the bank of the South Saskatchewan River, Echo…

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