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Published May 30, 2012 by delia1979

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Rock Springs One, a homeowners’ association (HOA) in Mesquite, Nevada, is considering the use of notorious poison Avitrol to kill pigeons and other birds living in its neighborhood. PETA informed the management about the cruelty of Avitrol, but to no apparent avail. Reportedly, the HOA is voting on this issue this Thursday, May 31!

Lethal methods don’t work and will actually backfire. Whenever birds are killed or removed, a spike in the food supply results, which causes accelerated breeding among survivors and newcomers. Populations then increase! Furthermore, Avitrol is horribly cruel. It causes disorientation, convulsions, and a slow, agonizing death. Pest-control companies often tell clients that Avitrol only “scares birds away,” but this is flatly untrue. And dogs, cats, and “nontarget” wildlife can die after consuming the bodies of poisoned birds.

Please politely urge Rock Springs One HOA officials to refrain from poisoning birds and to…

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Published May 28, 2012 by delia1979

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

By David J. Climenhaga

There’s no doubt about it: chuckwagon races are as exciting as hell. There’s also no getting around the fact they’re cruel to horses.

With the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede almost upon us — the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” marks its centennial on July 6 — it’s time once again to turn our attention a popular event that uses pointless cruelty for entertainment.

For, sure as shootin’, a horse will die in a Stampede chuckwagon race this year, as horses die pointlessly every year for the entertainment of the humans who pack the Stampede grounds to witness the thundering excitement of the races.

Unlike other rodeo sports, which may be cruel in the sense they’re uncomfortable for the dumb beasts involved, chuckwagon races are particularly dangerous for horses because of the nature of the creatures themselves and the tactics used by wagon drivers to…

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Published May 28, 2012 by delia1979

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We need your help to stop the abuse of kittens by Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. This week, PCRM filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, explaining that the medical center is violating the federal Animal Welfare Act by using live kittens in its pediatrics residency program. Please help this effort by asking the medical center to end the use of animals today.

In the pediatrics residency program at Albert Einstein Medical Center, breathing tubes are pushed down the throats of live kittens to teach endotracheal intubation. This painful procedure is repeated numerous times on each animal and can cause tracheal bruising, bleeding, and severe trauma. Nonanimal training methods are widely implemented in accredited pediatrics programs, making this use of animals not only cruel but unnecessary.

So far, the responsible Albert Einstein faculty and administrators have refused…

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Published May 28, 2012 by delia1979

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Background | SourceAvaaz

“My son’s throat was cut,” she said. “He was 12.”

“Perhaps we cannot prevent this world from being a world in which children are tortured. But we can reduce the number of tortured children.” — Albert Camus

Syrian army and security officers with the help of Iranian mercenaries have been torturing children with impunity during the past year. There have also been cases documented of children who were shot while in their homes or on the street. Syrian Human Rights Activists told us that they have seen the government use schools as detention centers, military bases or barracks and children have been arrested from their schools!

Witnesses from the towns of Baba Amr, al-Janoudyah, Kafr Nabl, Kafr Rouma, and Ayn Larouz in the Idlib governorate in northern Syria told us that they saw the army and pro-government armed men, referred to…

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