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Horsemeat included in Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the EU

Published October 28, 2013 by delia1979

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

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Canada’s livestock and meat processing industries are cheering last week’s agreement-in-principle on a Canada-European Union trade agreement, but significant work remains before the sectors can cash in.

The industries saluted it as a chance to access a $1 billion market.

“Compared to an average value of only $54 million of meat exports to the EU during the past three years, the results of the (free trade) negotiations will offer export opportunities with a potential annual sales value of up to $1 billion for Canadian beef, pork, horsemeat, bison and prepared meats,” said the Canadian Meat Council (CMC), which represents packers.

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DeDe: It’s All in the Smile!

Published October 28, 2013 by delia1979

Dogpaddling Through Life

DeDe here with another beauty tip to make you look and feel your best.

This week’s tip: It’s all in the smile!

Each week I tell you it’s an essential beauty product. But why? Simply because people who smile are seen as being more confident and approachable.

And smiling has measurable benefits as well. A study conducted at the University of Kansas found that smiling reduces stress. That’s right.You can still have a great deal of stress in your life, but when you smile, you lessen the effects of that stress on your body.

Another study that was published in the journal Psychological Science found that people who smile after stressful tasks show a greater reduction in heart rate than people who maintain a neutral facial expression. 

And check this out! Dr. Eric Finzi of Maryland studied people with depression. He injected Botox into the frown muscles of half of the…

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Australia: Taking Animal Welfare Back to the Dark Ages!

Published October 1, 2013 by delia1979

Dogpaddling Through Life

Welcome to this week’s edition of Hisses and Purrs, where our resident experts Hissy Fit Jones and June Buggie run down the good, and the not-so-good, news in the world of animal welfare. First up, Hissy Fit Jones is really hot- and he’s not even a government employee forced to work without pay!

Hisses to Ary Borges of Brazil, who is currently fighting in court for his right to keep the large cats he maintains in his small home in a southern Brazilian city. Borges has a license to keep the two lions, two tigers, and monkey that he owns, but he illegally bred the tigers, and now Brazilian wildlife officials want to take away his right to keep the large cats. Borges is trying to make himself sound like a hero, but if he’s breeding, he’s a loser in my book.

Hisses to Australia’s livestock lobby

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