Published June 18, 2012 by delia1979

Our Compass


Regarding this alert, show the newspaper that you are passionate and serious about our mission and your dedication to attaining our ultimate, brilliant and wonderful, yet completely realistic and wholly attainable goal: to liberate and promptly rescue the cats of UV and see to it that the intubation lab is dismantled and closed forever with the cats replaced with far superior, purpose-built, anatomically correct neonatal simulators. Demand the respect you so rightly deserve! Ask “WHY” UVA stubbornly clings to this archaic, outdated, horribly cruel and utterly unnecessary method of educating its medical residents and refuses to accept and implement far superior, ethical and humane alternatives that are readily available thanks to modern scientific and medical technological advancement (as have 95% of North American medical schools)!? Please refer to our group’s “files” section where there are many educational and informative documents on all aspects of our fight and in defense…

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