Published June 18, 2012 by delia1979

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

Dear Horse Advocates,

As you know last week, a 53′ Three Angels Farms trailer carrying 36 horses broke in half while traveling down an Interstate Highway. This second wreck within 5 months has triggered the release of the linked report, rather than wait any longer for additional regulatory documents and records regarding their violations.

Private citizens, concerned after the TN wreck in January, prompted an undercover trailing of Dorian Ayache’s Three Angels Farms in May.  Ayache’s notoriety as a kill buyer (think Presidio, TX and the possibly hundreds of dead and dying horses discovered in a dry gulch on the TX/MX border) and disregard for public safety laws, demanded action. So flagrant and numerous are Ayache’s transport violations (64 for vehicular safety in a 24 month period), that his DOT license was revoked in 2010. He currently runs with a DOT # under Edwin Ayache.

The wreck in January involved…

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