Published January 2, 2013 by delia1979

Dogpaddling Through Life

Jackson County, Florida, is mostly rural. There aren’t many job opportunities for the approximately 47,000 residents. Drug addiction, particularly to methamphetamine, is a major concern. The median income for a family of four here is $36,404, and 23.70% of children live in poverty. (source: Wikipedia)

Many of the people who live here own pets. And many of those pets are not spayed or neutered.

I'm talking to you!

I don’t preach, but I do talk up spay/neuter and why it’s a healthy choice for pets. I even provide information on low-cost clinics in the area.

The problem is, those low-cost programs are at least an hour away for many people in this area.

I have entertained the idea of starting a low-cost program in this area. It’s needed. And I think that through such a program we could educate people about other aspects of responsible pet ownership.

But I am also hesitant. I don’t have…

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