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Published December 17, 2012 by delia1979
Published December 17, 2012 by delia1979

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition would like to extend their gratitude publicly to Ken Terpenning, past owner of Silky Shark, the horse in the centre of the CHDC report on toxic horsemeat ‘Proof of CFIA Failure’.

Without Mr. Terpenning’s courage to step forward and provide the veterinarian records showing that Silky Shark had recieved phenylbutazone and was subsequently slaughtered, there would be no concrete proof.

As a consequence of his selflessness and co-operation with the CHDC and with Mr. Jack Rodolico of Latitude News, Mr. Terpenning has been the recipient of anonymous verbal email slurs by people attempting to put a negative spin on how he felt about SIlky Shark and insinuating that he was negligent in providing Silky Shark a safe haven.  They either do not understand nor have they read the circumstances in Silky Shark’s story and we regret that some people, in their fervent desire to…

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Published December 14, 2012 by delia1979

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

Tamara Elliott, Global News : Tuesday, December 11, 2012 3:16 PM

CALGARY – They’re majestic creatures with a link to the Wild West, but the fate of Alberta’s wild horses is now in the hands of the province.

About 800 wild horses roam the hills, descendants from early settler’s farms.

“They live in the wild, they reproduce in the wild, and so are considered feral,” explains Jessica Potter, from Alberta Enivornmental and Sustainable Resource Development.  Last year the government licensed the capture of over 200 feral horses, claiming they compete with native species by eating about 25 pounds of food each, every day.

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Published December 12, 2012 by delia1979

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

Europeans are eating American horses – but should they?

by Jack Rodolico

Ken Terpenning of Lexington, Kentucky has owned over two-dozen racehorses.  But one in particular made a big impression.

“Silky Shark was everything you’d want in a racehorse,” says Terpenning.  “He was vibrant, fiery, a very happy horse.  On the racetrack, he was a total professional.  He earned over $100,000 in his career.”

Like any athlete, there was an arc to Silky Shark’s career.  But the downward slope was faster than Terpenning could have imagined.  The horse had some medical problems that led to lost races, and then Terpenning fell on tough times financially.  He sold the horse to a man he trusted, but it didn’t take long for Silky Shark to wind up in the “slaughter pipeline.”

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Published December 6, 2012 by delia1979

Jim Caffrey Images Photo Blog

I made my annual “pilgrimage” to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge last weekend. I came home with well over fifteen hundred images to work through. I’m not finished, but I do have some “keepers” from the first batch of processing.


The first image was captured early on Saturday morning at the North Chupadera Pond along Highway 1. I was looking for a full wing shot, but was having trouble catching one.



I have a pattern that I follow while at The Bosque in order to optimize my interaction with the birds. After the cranes have all flown off from the ponds where they spend the night, I drive the entire loop looking for whatever might be there. I can usually find a Great Blue Heron along the edge of one of the channels that run through the refuge, and this year was no exception. This one seemed to be…

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Published December 6, 2012 by delia1979

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

A Washington State County Councilman wants to ensure that slaughterhouses can’t open there after changes to policy.

By Noah Haglund, Herald Writer

EVERETT – Slaughtering horses for human consumption could become illegal in Snohomish County, if a proposed ban passes later this month.

Ontario Feedlot May 2012No horse slaughterhouses have legally operated anywhere in the United States for five years.  Recent changes in federal policy, however, have created the opportunity for new ones to open.

In Snohomish County, much speculation has focused on a former horse slaughterhouse south of Stanwood, where the facilitity’s owner has said, repeatedly, he has no plans to restart.

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Published December 6, 2012 by delia1979


Per my last post, no my head hasn’t exploded yet. I figured I’d drop a quick blip to end the suspense while I am in a pretty good mood and dwell on the happier news.

Good news!!
I became a grandmother on December 1st to a beautiful girl named Lilith Paige. She weighed 8.4lbs and 20inches long. My son and his girl are ecstatic to be new parents and my daughter is so excited to be a 6 year old aunt!

My writer pal just published the shirt story I edited for her and it is for sale on Amazon with my name in the credits as editor! Yay me!! I am excited and looking forward to doing more work for her very soon!

Ok real short bad news section
I still have friends and family suffering from Sandys aftermath and feel pretty helpless.

I was informed that a long…

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