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Published May 28, 2012 by delia1979

Our Compass

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“My son’s throat was cut,” she said. “He was 12.”

“Perhaps we cannot prevent this world from being a world in which children are tortured. But we can reduce the number of tortured children.” — Albert Camus

Syrian army and security officers with the help of Iranian mercenaries have been torturing children with impunity during the past year. There have also been cases documented of children who were shot while in their homes or on the street. Syrian Human Rights Activists told us that they have seen the government use schools as detention centers, military bases or barracks and children have been arrested from their schools!

Witnesses from the towns of Baba Amr, al-Janoudyah, Kafr Nabl, Kafr Rouma, and Ayn Larouz in the Idlib governorate in northern Syria told us that they saw the army and pro-government armed men, referred to…

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Published May 26, 2012 by delia1979

Free Tony The Tiger

Photos taken today of Tony. Thank You S. Zaunbrecher for permission to share them.

Latest update from ALDF can be found at: Making Sense of the Current Status of the Tony the Tiger Cases

Petitions for Tony are still open; please sign and share.

  • Petition For Tony – January 16, 2012

  • Care2 Petition For Tony (Over 50,000 Signatures)

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Published May 26, 2012 by delia1979

Our Compass


Reportedly, GOLDMARK Property Management, Inc., and Sand Companies, Inc.—property management groups that own multiple apartment complexes in Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska—require tenants to declaw their cats. PETA has reached out to both companies several times, but to no avail. We need your help!

Outlawed in 22 countries, declawing is a cruel and permanently crippling surgery involving the amputation of the last joint of every toe, including bones and cartilage! Persistent pain, loss of balance, nerve damage, bone chips requiring additional surgery, gangrene, and skin disorders are associated physical complications; and nails can later grow back painfully and unseen, within the paw! Declawed cats often become reclusive, depressed, and insecure and begin eliminating outside the litterbox. Psychologically changed, these animals are then bounced around from home to home or wind up at animal shelters.

Please politely urge GOLDMARK Property Management and Sand Companies to join…

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Published May 26, 2012 by delia1979

Dogpaddling Through Life

So I was contacted by Allison Macalik and asked if I would be willing to review some of the new dog toys being introduced by PetSmart. And I said sure!

I was sent a selection of toys from their new Toys R Us Pets Collection.

The toys I was sent were cute, but not the kind of toys Jen would typically choose for me.

I destroyed the Vinyl Tire and Rope Animal right away.  SCORE! The Pets Patterned Body Canvas Caterpillar was not far behind.

When I posted the news on Twitter, I was sent a different toy- the Double Loop Tennis Ball/ Tug Rope Toy.

So, did I like the toys?  Well, to be honest, yes.

The Pets Dumbell Treat was a favorite, especially when Jen put kibble inside.



But the cloth squeaky toys? I loved them, but Jen would never buy those for me…

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