Published April 23, 2012 by delia1979

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

Politically incorrect.

Recently I was told that I should bring up the subject of horse slaughter at the political forum that was held on April 16th 2012 in Coaldale, Alberta by Little Bow NDP candidate Bev Muendel-Atherstone, where she along with Everett Tanis (Liberal), John Kolk (PC) & Ian Donovan (Wildrose) also Little Bow candidates.

Time was limited, our questions had to be short & the candidates were only allowed about 1 minute to answer them, so I decided to just get to the point & ask them where they stood on Alex Atamanenko’s Bill C-322. All four of them said that they support horse slaughter. Here is how they responded to my question;

 John Kolk (PC)

“This is from the provincial  side of things, but I would not be in favour of supporting that (Bill C322),  the animals that we work with & there are all kinds of…

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