Published April 10, 2012 by delia1979

Loki's Gift

Original 2008 post about Brindi

Stone Free Brindi

Jimi say, “Turn her loose, baby!”

Brindi has never, ever, bitten a child or an adult. Nor has she ever inflicted anything worse more than a few tiny “spots” (direct quote from dog owner) on another dog. She has what is called “good bite inhibition”. And because of that, and the fact that her excellent trainer stands behind her and her guardian, Francesca Rogier, she should be freed and given the same tolerance and understanding Halifax animal control gives to scores of other dogs who have committed worse transgressions!
But despite this, her good obedience training (Francesca’s hard work) and several positive behavioral assessments, Halifax still locked her up for nearly four years. And is still locking her up. Her health has suffered, needless to say. A trial is underway and it does not look very good at the…

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