Published April 5, 2012 by delia1979

All Horses Go To Heaven


PMU means Pregnant Mare Urine.  PMU farms are the mass collection and production of pregnant mareurine. The urine collected contains a hormone variant called Premarin. This estrogen hormone is gathered through a catheter, then given to women in hope to alleviate menopause symptoms. Premarin is given in several forms; pills, creams, injections, patches and vaginal rings.

 Mares that have been successfully bred are sent to is what called “the line.” “The Line” is a term referring to the series of stalls the mares are kept in for a period of 160-180 days. Usually from October – April. These stalls are 3 ½ ft. wide X 8ft long X 5 ft high. Once tied on “the line”, the mares are fitted with a catheter, to collect the hormone rich urine. The average pleasure horse mare will produce .5 gal – .6 gal of urine a day. Before foaling, the mares are sent to pasture to deliver…

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