Published March 28, 2012 by delia1979

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Information supplied by multiple sources

Horse-Haters Run from Pro-Horse Counter Conference

In a vague and jumbled press release, Quarter Horse trainer, Dave Duquette announced that the 2nd Annual Summit of the (Slaughter) Horse, which was touted to be held in Oklahoma City next week, will be “rescheduled” to sometime in January of next year.  Doubt and defeat of Duquette and Sue Wallis’ attempts to reintroduce foreign owned horse slaughterhouses into the U.S. have dogged the duo as they try to convince a doubting American public that butchering and eating companion animals and pets is a good thing.

In defiance of the “Summit” equine advocates from across the nation have organized several counter conferences in an attempt to get the “pro-horse” message out to the American people.

Simone Netherlands of Respect4Horses and lead promoter for the Summit of the Live Horse, to be held in Oklahoma City next week spoke…

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