Published February 23, 2012 by delia1979

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FromCompassion Over Killing

Agribusiness interests in Iowa’s legislature have renewed their efforts this year to pass “ag-gag” legislation — these are bills aimed at shutting down whistle-blowing exposés documenting the cruel and abusive conditions for animals on factory farms.

To prevent these cruelties from coming to light, big agribusiness is sponsoring HF-589, introduced by Representative Sweeney, and SF-431. If they become law, investigations like this one would essentially be impossible and the public would have an even smaller window into the truth about how its food is being produced.

ACT NOW: If you are a resident of Iowa, please contact your state legislators today to urge them to oppose HF 589 and SF 431 and resist attempts to shield animal agribusiness from public scrutiny.

Several other states have also introduced similar legislation. Read more now.

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