Published February 16, 2012 by delia1979


Oh Dog! I’m so excited! Today my guest is none other than Flo from the blog Fabulous Flo. Flo is a happy dog with a happy home. She’s never known misery or loneliness. I wish we all that that kinda story. Humans and animals, help me welcome Flo!

Rumpy: Thank you SO much for being my guest today Flo!

Flo: We love your blog Rumpy so this is very exciting for us! 🙂

Rumpy: *blush* Thanks Flo! How about telling us a little about you?

Flo: I’m a 40kg liver-nosed Rhodesian ridgeback, but even though I’m a big lass, I’m really still a puppy as I’m not even 18 months old yet.

Rumpy: You’re just a youngster!

Flo: I’m a really lucky girl – I’ve never been lost, homeless or badly treated. I had a forever home before I was even born. My human decided to get a dog…

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