Published February 14, 2012 by delia1979

Our Compass


Dear advocates for NY shelter reform,

The time is now! The vote in the AG Committee is on Wednesday so do this today! Lets flood their inboxes, bombard them with emails and phone calls! Anyone, everyone, and especially NYS residents, who care about the fate of all the animals suffering and dying in our shelters, no matter where you live, must take immediate action!

I just called the Chairman’s office, William Magee, and spoke with his secretary indicating to her why the sham Paulin Bill, 5449A must not be passed and why CAARA, 7312A should be passed instead. Talking points and additional phone numbers are below! In addition, I’m sending a personal message to the Ag Committee members,(block of email addresses below), although I have already sent the automated message which was supplied to us by Nathan Winograd. A personal message and call is always viewed as more effective…

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